Precautions While Buying A Used Car

Chosen to purchase a trade-in vehicle? Indeed, you are not by any means the only one, a great many Indians are currently picking utilized vehicles and on the off chance that we take a gander at measurements the most recent two years have seen a flood in the trade-in vehicle market as an ever increasing number of individuals are presently deciding on private vehicle. Whatever your explanation be, we need you to realize that you’ve settled on the right decision.

In any case, on the lookout, not all things are what it is by all accounts and you ought to consistently have a watchful eye to spot which vehicle vender is a cheat and which isn’t. On those lines we need you to be advised about a couple of insurances that you ought to embrace when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Let a car mechanic accompany you

Unless you are an expert evaluator yourself, it would be wise to take an experienced car mechanic with you to know the nitty-gritty details of the vehicle. Although you might have to pay him for his services, it would be better than buying the wrong car and feeling remorseful afterward.

Check the car thoroughly

Try not to depend on what the merchant claims about the vehicle, check the vehicle for yourself. You can relinquish minor scratches and marks yet be careful about the greater ones, vehicles with body rust are a major no. Check for paint surface contrasts. These will assist you with understanding the circumstance the vehicle might’ve been in. Likewise, watch out for the electricals, everything ought to be in working condition, in case anything is awkward, deal. The tires ought to be in acceptable condition, in case they’re thinning up top, you ought to have the option to set aside more cash.

Test Drive

A very important aspect of buying a car is the test drive. Starting the car should be a very smooth process. There shouldn’t be any untoward noises, hop out of the car with the engine running and open the bonnet to check weird noises. Check the tailpipe, there shouldn’t be any smoke or oil spouts.

Gear shifting should be effortless, you should not apply any extra pressure on the stick. Engage the clutch and when you release it, the vehicle should move forward in a gentle manner without jerks or vibrations.

Take the car out for a ride, feel the suspension, no squeaking or odd vibrations should be felt. Another way to test the suspension is to tackle corners with a little more speed than you usually drive at. Sharp turns put the suspension into action and if you feel anything is out of place, take the call.

Document verification

Check documents when buying a used car

So, the car is good, but don’t move ahead until you’ve verified the documents and the information on them. A few pointers:

  • Registration Certificate is a crucial document that confirms the legality of the vehicle and ownership. Make sure that the certificate is not a duplicate one  – Duplicate Registration Certificate. If you are buying from a dealer check if the RC has the name of the dealer, this would mean that you would be the third buyer, which should not be the case as the market value will be low for a third-hand car.
  • VIN and Engine no. should be the same everywhere i.e., on the Registration Certificate and the car. A few places where you can find the VIN no.
  • Insurance is another important vehicle document without which a car cannot ply on the roads. Make sure that the insurance is also transferred in your name and has a validity of at least three weeks post purchase. If it doesn’t you can bargain and buy new insurance which is much more beneficial.
  • A vehicle service book tells a lot about the car, for example if the servicings are consistent then you know that the car was cared for and maintained to the highest standards. But, on the flip side it can be forged as well. If it is too good to be true then maybe it is not true. Be sure to ask as many questions to the owner. Like the dents and major scratches.
  • Road tax certificate is another important document that certifies that no taxes are due. Although it is a one time payment that is paid at the time of purchase of the car. In any case if it isn’t, there is something fishy.
  • Pollution under control certificate shows the emission levels of the car, via which you can ascertain the condition the engine is in.
  • A Loan NOC is something that you should be aware of in case the vehicle was purchased on a loan, this confirms that all loan dues have been paid and the financier has no claim on the vehicle.

Vehicle modifications

Many people opt for vehicle modifications to make their car look a certain way, and any part of the vehicle can be modified, that is, as long as it is legal. Certain changes like car color, engine tweaking are illegal. So are installation of tyres bigger than what the manufacturer recommends.

Here’s a list of car modifications that are considered illegal in India.

  • Fancy number plates
  • Loud exhausts
  • Roof modifications
  • Engine mods
  • Wide tyres
  • Body lifting kits
  • Car color

Make sure that the car you are going to buy doesn’t have the above modifications, if it has then it would be best to look out for another vehicle.

Get an idea of the price online

Image depicting a search for a used car online

Before you go out hunting for a used car, select the car that you think is the right choice for you, this includes the no. of kilometers it has run and its age. Check these details online to get an idea of the price, compare it, and bargain accordingly.

Know when to pay

At times delay is not denial, this also holds true when you buy a car. Take into account all your options, go through them again and again, and make the decision only when you deem it is right.

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